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Join Co-Modeco – & MiaPods in celebrating World Rainforest Day – Int’l Day of the Tropics – Make Music Miami – Fete de la Musique


May 27, 2020

The Party is Not Over – It Just Moved On

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In The Aftermath Of B.C. (Before Covid-19) Environmental Activists Re-Build Relations With ‘Many Mini Miami Meet & Greets’ To Be Joined By Millions Live Streamed On-Line.  Endure. Adapt. Evolve.   Get P.C.

Roget Head shot Tattoo Art_Kenneth_ Rustin _ C.jpg by Sr Correspondent Cristiane Roget , AdAvenueGroup/Forbes France

Miami, Fl/ What better way to move on from the three-month global “time out” than celebrating World Rainforest Day, International Day of the Tropics and Make Music Miami in association with Fete de la Musique , the Art-Appatah Mural Debut by Iris Tattoo Artist and a walk through of Compact Modular Eco Homes / Mia Pods? This and more is set to unspool between June 21 and June 29 throughout South Florida’s tri-counties. Let’s not forget Father’s Day, as well.

PRODUCERS – PARTICIPANTS Book ended between the third and fourth week in June, EatUp Inc., ReallyCoolLandscapes, MiaPods of Pompano Beach and Compact Modular Eco Homes (Co-Modeco) is joined by informal networks to meet the new needs of those around them. Many mutual aid groups have sprung up with the spectre of unemployment  and escalating availability of health and medical care and sustainable housing alternatives.   Among them are , but not limited to, the Allapattah Neighborhood Association (ANA) , Walk & Grub, the Pacific Rim Business Council, among them. The ad hoc collective ‘Many Mini Meet & Greets’  is volunteering to provide marketing, press and promotion throughout South Florida’s most bespoke venues. The series encourages sponsors, participants and guests to adhere to respectful precautions while not completely checking out on social engagements under the cloud of imposed isolation.

MEDIA PARTNERS Many Mini Media Partners will reach millions with live streams on and possibly (  NovaVillan will be streaming from her booth – inspired by Bowery Electric (  IBM TV‘s, Kim Calhoun is invited to be one of many celebrated online hosts and Kenneth Springer  of @IrisTattoo Art’s with 365 thousand “friends” awaiting an invitation to view.  Francois Huynh’s , Founder of AdAvenueGroup/Forbes France will be launching press campaigns with his associates Agility, Cision, Meltwater boasting 1.8 million news writers, Influencers, Bloggers reaching press and social media communities. Watch for updates in MidMiami Magazine.  Also  jumping into the fray is spokes model Lisa Sussman.  Woman of Achievement US Ambassador is working on a local to global mission  to create solutions in sustainable housing, She is Editor in Chief  of WOA Magazine and  International Director of UCI Bahamas.  

Says Jesus Baeza, official film archivist and visual content creator of J.B. Productions, “Even though each Many Mini Gathering adheres to the mandate of “social distancing” we should have called it “physical distancing”.  People are social beings and these events offer a welcome respite to pent up , shack wacky South Floridians.

Mural with Logos.jpg

IRIS MURAL DEBUT- MINI FILM FEST, A PEACE DE RESISTANCE UNDER THE STARS – SCAVENGER HUNT – NEIGHBORHOOD CLEANUP – EDIBLE PLANT FORAGING – CO-MODECO PREMANUFACTURED HOME REVEAL. Commencing Sunday, June 21 from 1 pm to Monday 5 am, invited guests will congregate in the Art-apptah Plaza on the corner of NW 7th Avenue and NW 28th Street.  Throughout the historical Allapattah 33127 neighborhood at the nexus of Las Rosas (reportedly Miami’s oldest club & venue), the Galori Art Gallery , a ‘Secret Garden’ and the Co-Modeco Loft guests will be greeted by physicians from the P.C. front lines that include Dr. Tina Miranda, of Tele Med Co,   Dr. John Maarouf of the MMA and health and wellness practitioners.


In Galori’s Secret Garden artisanal vendors, gourmet field-to-table food purveyors , a ‘Swim the Globe’ sustainable fashion trunk show, exhibits of compact modular eco homes, pre-manufactured work spaces and a ‘Healthy Hackathon’ will invite immersive engagement.

A neighborhood clean-up and scavenger hunt at 3 pm with gift certificates galoreto those who find the most items on a list of discards that include a plastic bottle, lotto ticket, headless toy and Styrofoam box. Those who collect the most trash will also be generously rewarded.  A Survival Kit of Nayked Botanical Sanitizer, Mia Medic Masks and Nitrate Gloves will  be gifted in a burlap collectors tote provided by Free Set Global will be gifted to each guest.

Eve Quinlan, a master horticulturist and friends are conducting a walking tour of the historical Allapattah area. Guests will gather wild and cultivated edible and indigenous plants many with healing properties. A masterful chef will include these foraged ingredients in a delectable food demonstration to follow.

At Sunset a 150 ft Mural depicting a tropical rainforest and a menagerie of endangered animal species and flora will be unveiled by Kenneth Springer  with studios in Wynwood and Buenos Aires joined by a bevy of fellow Iris Tattoo artists. The lush verdant greens and ochre jungle was inspired by World Rain Forest Day and the International Day of the Tropics.

An homage to La Fete De La Musique by Make Miami Music’s Pop Up is produced by Justin and Ana from the Allapattah Neighborhood Association (ANA) and will feature diversified and sizzling performers of the ‘Local to Global Miami Music Renaissance’.

June 21 _Artapattah.jpgThe Piece de Resistance Mini Film Fest is an all-night affaire and Open House. Film aficionados are invited to an outdoor mini film festival under the stars. The program includes previews of films that depict courage and fearlessness in the face of adversity.

Curating the program is producer – director Giamarco Alessandri of Sine Qua Non Films , London. The cinematic excellence of award winning directors that include Michael Kastenbaum, Paul Lister of the European Nature Trust and Mohammed Hassan, voted one Canada’s most heralded cineastes’ in 2019 will be screened.

Artisanal appetizers, masterful mixology and a breakfast at dawn of fresh brioche, drizzled with creamery butter hot from the oven of the New Yorker Cafe from Parisian baker Johann Tremor at  6500 Biscayne Blvd, Miami. Piping hot CBD Coldfire Roaster Coffee ™ will be served with a compliment of fresh squeezed orange and garden fresh strawberry mimosas.

World Rain Forest Day – Monday -June 22

Monday morning , June 22,  guests are invited to an all day activation within designated stores and eateries the Miami’s Urban Downtown Oasis, Mary Brickell Village.  Produced by EatUp Inc and Walk & Grub the genesis of ‘Many Mini Gatherings’ is to shine a bright light on the many sole proprietors whose businesses are most vulnerable.  Following 3 months of imposed closures social distancing and medical precautions have been woven into the creation of each and every ‘Many Mini Meet & Greet’.  At the host stand a gift of N-95’s designer masks donated by Mia Medics, Nayked Botanical™ pure organic sanitizers and sterile gloves are in the offing.

The goal is to ‘crank up’ the W.O.W. on the sponsors and underwriters brand , eco friendly products , services or side gigs.  As people throughout the world are bracing for an economic downturn unlike anything they have experienced in their lifetimes these types of events play into the wave of ungoverned reciprocity.

All Day Conversations – ‘Don’t Force it – Change it’ presents Esteemed Speakers with Q & A to follow A series of 15 minute “Conversations followed by Q &A’ will be presented by experts in marine and earth conservation.  University of Miami – RSMAN (Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science may participate.

The P.C.* Survival Kit” and how to create lasting civic changes will be explored by medical practitioners on the front lines. Miami OnSight™ a leader in sustainable fashion.  Deeply discounted Spring – Summer resort, swim and evening wear presented by Jennifer Sclafani of New Life Institute.

Poster _ Mini Many Miami Gatherings Fete De la Musique Make Music Miami.jpgLiving & Working for the 21st Century while Creating CommunitiesThrough Belonging  As a lead up to building a better planet  Showmodels of Affordable – Eco – Friendly,Pre-manufactured Habitats – ADU’, Mia Pod – mini Offices will be on display throughout the two weekends. Experts will be on hand to answer everything you wanted to know about innovative housing solutions for the office, residence, containment housing and pop up clinics.

Walk & Grub – EatUp.DrinkUp! Throughout the day local eateries will be providing complimentary tastes of healthy fare inspired by Coral Reef & Rain Forest conservation complemented by “SeaMosster Smoothies” called ‘nature’s disinfectant’ .

Guests will revel to the sound styling of Douglas Quarteze and DJ GNO official DJ of the Indianapolis Colts who last spun in Miami during SuperBowl LIV are slated to perform.

With a nod to the Fete de La Musique ( ) Make Music Miami MMM is the Miami edition of Make Music Day – a free celebration of music around the world on June 21st. Launched in 1982 in France as the Fête de la Musique, it is now held on the same day in more than 1,000 cities in 120 countries.

Sunday, June 28 & Monday June 29 Champagne Reception & Open House Mia Pods, Pompano Beach, Fl.  

Sunday, June 28and from 4 to 7 pm and . Monday June 29 from 11am to 3pm Open House commemorates the opening of MiaPods in association with Co-Modeco. The massive, conveniently located showroom is the first of its kind on the East Coast with 9 unique and sustainable show models.

The MiaPods Showroom is on the periphery of I-95 West at 1020 SW 10th Avenue, Pompano Beach, FL 33069. The Champagne Reception – Press Conference and proceedings will be live streamed.  Hosts Cedric Teboul – Founder Mia Pods, Douglas Hardin of and dignitaries from the Pacific Rim Business Council will be joining in.  By Invitation Only. r.s.v.p.a must.  310-220-9118  fin – Word Count 1429



Alone we can do so little – together we can do so much

C. Roget





D. Hardin