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No More Smoke & Mirrors, Co-Modeco – Big River RE LLC is as Solid as USA made A36 Steel- Come for a visit! Next time you are in Lemon City,Miami 33138

Up Next in Q1 for  VIPictures /BigRiver RE LLC is an open invitation to visit Compact Modular Eco Homes-Big River RE LLC ( a one-stop, design marvels and the one-stop  solution for the escalating affordable housing crisis both in the USA and beyond. 

Also available 2000 Emergency Housing Unit Read for Delivery – for humanitarian crisis Israel – Gaza State – Ukraine.

After Mikael Gorbachev put an end to the Berlin Wall the final – the Soviet Union reverted to Russia and they instituted a very robust Steel manufacturing assembly line housing industry. The Oligarchs needed labor housing.  The Russian war torn and victims do not need external AID or assistance, Russia’s got this. 




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Cristiane Roget
Sr. Correspondent 
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Victoria Diaz Miranda
Founder – Associate
Eva M. Everest
Project Manager

Studio -2750 NW 3rd Avenue , 13, Wynwood Bld. Miami, 33127 Co-Modeco. -7500 NE 3rd Place, Ironside Adjacent/Lemon City, Miami, 33138

I would have ended this scene by stating ‘Nationalism’ is soo yesterday.  One world, One planet, One people – Distinct in Unity, Strength in Numbers – Consume Less , Share More.