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“Commit to Be Fit! Even More So Now”, Dr. Dana Churchill

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well being and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity.” – World Health Organization -Submitted by Cristiane Roget, correspondent PR Global Media ,  a division of

Los Angeles/CA – One consequence of the anxieties surrounding the ubiquitous  COVID-19  (Corona virus) is growing anecdotal evidence that most feel they must react in some way.  “No matter how counter intuitive that reaction is,” observes Iresha De Silva, Business Development at the Los Angeles based Pacific Rim Business Council in association with  (Compact Modular Eco Homes).  Last evening throughout Los Angeles’ surburbia , there were long queues of shoppers ™ staring transfixed at their ‘smart?’ phones while stripping shelves bare of toilet paper, hand sanitizer and dry pasta”.

Keeping the country and the world on lock down, with a medically imposed like  martial law under the guise of ‘preventative measures’has seen the cancellation of events from Girl Scout camp outs to the 31st GLAAD Media Awards set for April 16 and The Los National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences 41st annual Sports Emmy Awards (April 28) to Miami’s Ultra Music Fest.  These minor adjustments to our entertainment calendar pale in comparison with entire school systems  that may be closed for months, citizens losing income and entire countries, like Italy, forced into quarantine.

1 Dr Dana Churchill _ Depak Chopra.jpg“There are more rational proactive measures to counter the Covid19/corona virus and other chronic seasonal diseases,” according to Los Angeles based, Dr. Dana Churchill, renowned for his advances in preventative care (that embody a fully integrative approach to wellness).  He suggests “though there are plenty of reasons for caution, all this media hysteria may be a mad grab to instill irrational fear while distracting us from realizing how out of balance our lives really are”.  Dr. Churchill embodies the age old tradition of a caring family doctor who will visit his patients at home or place of work as often as treating them at conveniently accessible clinics throughout Southern California.  “At our Churchill Centers we cater to the most demanding of patients. Our medical practitioners are devoted to preventative, fully integrated primary health care. We find that when a catastrophic illness strikes our patients have the resistance to withstand these cyclical contagions”.

“We combine the wisdom of nature with the rigors of the most advanced modern science, concentrating on whole patient care and wellness. People embracing preventative care and a healthy lifestyle that may include an astute combination of pleasurable exercise like walking instead of driving, diet of freshly prepared meals fashioned from field to table seasonal ingredients, spending more time with family and friends all serve to reduce stress and insure a life span that is vibrant , healthy and strong. Simply said, we recommend to all of our patients ‘Take time for Life’! ” Some of our more advanced rejuvenation treatments include probiotic vitamin infusions, exosome, ozone and stem cell therapies.  Each serves as a powerful panacea for a host of chronic illnesses, seasonal flues and viruses. “

Concurs the bestselling author, Kevin Trudeau in his, Natural Cures “They” Do Not Want You to Know About“, “there are natural, non drug and nonsurgical cures for virtually every disease”.  As the Corona Virus captivates today’s headlines, one may recall the Y2K virus “that crashed the millennium party with the good, the bad and the crazy, like a tempest in a teacup,” to paraphrase Robert M. Mitchell, of Computer World.

Or to bring some levity to the dire predictions that the Corona virus is the next deadly worldwide pandemic,  one should revisit the Spanish flu/Avian Influenza of 1918-1919 and its return in 1940. Called the deadliest in history, estimates were 500 million people worldwide were infected —about one-third of the planet’s population—and it killed an estimated 20 million to 50 million victims, including some 675,000 Americans. There were more causalities attributed to the ‘Avian Influenza’ than the First and Second World War’s combined.

Or more recently in 2009 the H1N1 , so called Swine Flu, swept the nation. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that nearly 61 million people in the United States were infected causing 12,469 deaths. Worldwide, up to 575,400 people died. Tina Miranda Great photo.jpg With dire predictions that hospital ICU’s may be overwhelmed, “The one thing we really don’t need is mass hysteria”, according to Dr. Robert Murphy, executive director of the Institute for Global Health at the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicineand an infectious diseases professor.

Dr. Tina Miranda, M.D. from her post at Hampton Veteran’s Admin Medical Center in Hampton, Virginia and a specialist in emergency medicine for over two decades, confirmsEighty percent of people have such minor symptoms, they don’t actually require any medical care at all. The 20 percent who do feel quite ill need to be evaluated and some of them will require hospitalization and some must get intensive care”.  Her advice to her patients on her Tele Medicine website and in person , “is stay home and reconnect with your loved ones, wash your hands like it’s a religion and don’t forget to moisturize and hydrate and if you really must visit a medical practitioner call ahead, please do not just show up”.

“And then there is the rest of us who are carrying on with life and business as usual. That is a vast population that is embracing a new, enriching consciousness. There is a new way of living that draws on historical truths. A new way of thinking that will redefine how we live on this planet, as stewards not conquerors.  By embracing vetted truths rather than fear based panic we will create a more verdant , just and healthier world, ” concludes Dr. Dana Churchill.


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-Dr. Dana Churchill, with Author and Philosopher Deepak Chopra , share a vision for these troubled times “ In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you.

-Dr. Tina Miranda, MD – Thanksgiving at The Miami Design District- with Emilio and Gloria Estefan . She speaks from her post at Hampton Veteran’s Admin Medical Center in Hampton, Virginia