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Recycled Container Homes A Risky Bet – Where Good Intentions Collides with a Toxic Reality

Submitted by Simone Stewart  – Co-Modeco Consultant – contact Simone Stewart at maxsimon446@gmail.com What are the pro’s and con’s between residing  in a Co-Modeco  or  building out a cheaper, used container for a dwelling?   http://www.tincancabin.com/faq/ answered this age old quandary by stating that removing the original container is discouraged as the plywood is toxic and will give off toxic

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Container Modular Eco Homes

Los Angeles/CA –  April 20, 2017 Container Modular Eco Homes – Co-Modeco’s  Director – Holmes Stoner confirmed this week en route to Seoul – Korea, “two years of negotiations and relationship building have culminated in exclusive trade agreements with top-tier, modular home manufacturers whose potential output supply exceeds 6000 custom-made dwellings a month”. The Marketing and Sales of Co-Modeco is

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